About City Gardener, Inc.

From the abstract to the real, from theories to models, we sculpt ideas into
living beautiful landscapes, delivering what you envisioned.

Mission Statement

To continue growing as green-industry leaders that we've become and provide the finest, most dedicated customer service based on the philosophy that only a solid & satisfied client base will nurture our ability to keep our branches at the top. Our endeavor goes beyond influencing the outer styling of your business in a constructive way. We are well-read regarding green subjects and our observations confirm what many studies have stated: plants have an improving effect on more than just air quality; they are also a vital element in personnel productivity and general optimism in the workplace.

As a boutique company with over 40 years under our belt, we've become powerful enough to accept large landscaping projects, and yet remain personally involved so as to be able to maintain an intimate and authentic connection with every client. This is our service promise.

Our Services


Our family-owned organization—a 100% local company with the added advantage of bringing green benefits to Puerto Rico's economy—has made a true effort to be at the forefront of the landscaping business. Since 1974 we've toiled ceaselessly to provide interiorscapes and maintenance services so our customers can delight in the pleasure and beauty of nature indoors.

As interiorscape expert gardeners who are familiarized with making inside natural settings thrive, we put our organic skills to the test bringing plant life indoors for office buildings, restaurants, hotels, individual work-spaces, and much more.

Noted studies on the effects of natural elements on our bodies and brains have shown that indoor landscapes are not just breathtaking but also breath-giving, and are considered a necessary green-initiative to ensure happy and healthy tenants, customers and clients.

Citi Gardener is member of "Green Plants for Green Buildings", which promotes and researches the effects and benefits of interior plans in interior locations. For more information, please visit the links provided.


City Gardener is full service Landscape Services Contractor delivering professional installations for residential, commercial and industrial sectors in Puerto Rico and nearby islands.

Each member of City Gardener is fully-versed on the subject of landscapes and interiorscapes and all of us are passionate about our trade. All in all we offer a total of about fifty years of amassed knowledge and experience. Call us; we guarantee you'll be impressed by our prompt response and your own high level of satisfaction.


Of course, if we can blossom indoor spaces, imagine what we can do outdoors! Our lawn and property care patrons and exterior property clients include hotels, building associations, industrial clients, home owners, and more. We have a full-time Agronomist in our team to assist with all kinds of lawn, garden and landscaping projects.

At City Gardener, we understand that dealing with a contractor is far from easy, and even less so when your landscape project requirements call for a variety of suppliers. True to our mission of being a full-service provider of landscaping solutions, irrigation is yet another of our multiple offerings. If you require a service that is not mentioned here, don't hesitate to call and let us know what you need. We'd be glad to accommodate you if it is within our means.


One of our most convenient services is a landscaping and blueprint workshop, where those who are interested can learn from skilled experts the basics of designing architectural landscapes. From the Master Plan for a residence to a professional sketch for a garden meant to be a personal oasis, our Landscaping course is a first-rate learning module. In addition, among the instructors is a Landscape Architect, a long-time staff member who has made it his mission to help inspirations bloom into flowering, living settings.

Anyone can delight in a day view; it takes dedicated ability to bring out nature's colors after dark. Evening lets out a whole other dimension to life, one that is just as significant. In fact, many of our clients arrive home every day… at night… and their gorgeous property landscape should flaunt its rich shades and textures for the homeowners' nightly enjoyment.

We are pleased to lighten up our hard-working customers by providing well-designed landscape lighting and installation to highlight their natural scenery after dark. Moreover, proper lighting brings the benefits of added security features.


At City Gardener we are tirelessly searching and researching ways to help our clients enjoy greener lives, better and healthier lives. From ornamental potting, drainages, irrigation systems, foliage/plant rentals and green walls… come check out our creativity, ideas and products, and do share your own! Let some green bring you joy.

Feel free to call us with all your questions, thoughts and concerns; our landscape solutions are provided throughout Puerto Rico and nearby islands.

We are a Landscaping Company, in business since 1974!


For over forty years, our family-owned landscaping company has put its green thumb to work and brought concepts to life, completing hundreds of display projects. Please take a moment to stroll through the landscape of featured works, as we continue to cultivate City Gardener's portfolio.